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Strategic Alignment, Strategic Collaborations, ACOs, and Networks

Should you become vertically integrated or create a virtual network; merge or go it alone?  Who will be your partners?  In the future, what will your organization's value proposition be, and will it present a strong enough case for your organization to succeed?  Organizations need to adapt and thrive in an environment with multiple business models, serving numerous customer segments that use various reimbursement models.  Healthcare Innovators works with your organization to examine the options, get the answers, build the plans, can help to execute those plans, so you can achieve success.

Risk Models, Capitation, Bundled Payments, and     Value-Based Payments

Are you on a mission to transform your business model?  Transitioning from fee-for-service to risk is a perilous journey.  We work with organizations to assess capabilities, the challenges, identify hidden opportunities, create efficiencies, reduce the spend, and gauge the potential for success.  We create realistic plans to transition successfully.

Command your Information

Service Delivery Innovations

What opportunities exist for service innovation?    As business models and reimbursement transform, services that previously did not make business sense become viable opportunities.    We work with you to identify where your opportunities are, which delivery care redesigns innovations are right for you, design the pathways to reduce the overall cost of services, and enhance your margins.


Learn about more Innovations for Transformations.  Our portal contains cutting edge services, technologies, and products that bring extreme value and accelerate transformation.  These disruptive innovations are changing how care is delivered and how we will overcomes the enormous challenges facing healthcare.